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Voice Technology for the Hospitality Industry

Voice Technology for the Hospitality Industry

Build memorable hospitality and customer service
Voice Technology for the Hospitality Industry

Verbio Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Automate hospitality workflows to enhance customer experiences

With international tourism levels remaining 67% below pre-pandemic levels in 2022, call centers need to offer an excellent brand experience and quick call answer times are more important than ever. But with tightened resources in the hospitality sector, long wait times at call centers are a challenge. But add to this the issue that callers from all the world could be ringing up in different languages.


Verbio are trusted as specialists, when it comes to the accuracy of global languages, especially in countries such as Spain and Latin America, when a different pronunciation can mean a completely different word. Our virtual assistants are available 24 hours, 365 days a year.


Unlike chatbots, using conversational AI means that the intention of the caller is understood so the caller is answered in a human-like way and their problem is resolved quickly, rather than having to experience long wait times. So your caller can call and make a reservation, or change a booking, make a claim or ask for travel information. Because the interactions are so human-like, this increases brand engagement and hopefully repeat business. Human agents can now be used for very complex customer service interactions which require complex problem solving and high levels of empathy. Using AI to enhance the customer service process, can also have a very positive effect on retaining agents and decreasing agent churn.


Automating thousands of calls a day can reduce the average handling time by 60% and can create a call center cost saving of up to 75%.

Languages and counting

The complete cognitive hospitality call center solution

Verbio is the best technology provider for advanced call handling in hospitality

Call Automation
Automating conversations with your customers means that their requests are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Verbio are experts in global languages and specialize in human-like interactions to answer your customers' issues to do with their bookings, changes and cancellations. Out-of-the-box modules are trained for hospitality and specialized for conversations between customers and virtual agents.
Call Transcription
Call transcription or speech to text, is a solution to transcribe any phone call between a caller and an agent. These calls are automatically transcribed, so all calls can be analyzed to make better call center decisions. Verbio has out-of-the-box speech to text solutions that are trained specifically for conversations between callers and agents in a hospitality environment.
Call Authentication
Authentication through voice biometrics brings an innovative and safe experience to customers. With remote access by voice, there is no need for passwords.
Customer service that is multi-language & available 24/7

Customer service that is multi-language & available 24/7

A big challenge for the travel and tourism industries is having to communicate effectively with visitors from a variety of linguistic backgrounds. Companies can make it easier for people to manage their bookings or request tourist information in multiple languages, by utilizing voice AI powered technologies.


Multi-language, available 24/7 and automated, that’s how you can leverage your customer service. Verbio’s solutions create streamlined customer support that is 100% self-service, and available in multiple languages.


From managing bookings and claims, to sending live tourist information, or transport timetables. Verbio’s solutions can provide immediate assistance to your travelers.

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