VERBIO is revolutionizing communications between people and computers, allowing people to communicate naturally with machines, using state-of-the-art technology in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Our proprietary software innovates in Natural Language Processing (NLP), using Deep Learning and other Machine Learning methods. We develop solutions in areas such as:

– Voice biometrics
– Speech recognition
– Text-To-Speech voices
– Speech & Text Analytics (Conversational sensors)
– Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

We have offices in Barcelona, Madrid, São Paulo, Mexico DF, and Palo Alto and you will be part of a multinational team of PhD’s & Engineers in NLP, Artificial intelligence and software development.

If you enjoy challenges and learning every day in a very innovative environment, this is your company!

Currently we are hiring a QA/DX developer for our Cognitive Team in Barcelona. You are going to help us test our products like the final user will, report the issues and help us deliver our projects with the highest possible quality. Moreover, you will also help us to document our public libraries that we offer to some partners, ensuring they are up to date and offer a great Developer Experience.

Developer Experience (DX) is the equivalent to User Experience (UX) when the user of the software or system is a developer.


You will be a key part of a highly experienced team in virtual assistant technologies, aimed at delivering the best virtual assistants to our customers, both in results and performance. You will interact directly with the team, testing all the new features before the final, ensuring they all work properly, helping us to find all the possible issues that could deliver an undesirable experience to the users.

You will also help the team to provide a great Developer Experience (DX) to our partners, documenting our libraries and SDKs, writing readable guides and ensuring that everyone is able to use our products. Users are important, but when a developer uses one of our libraries, he becomes a user too.  A developer who can use our product to make his product will make our work reachable even to more people!

We most definitely want you if…

You are a methodical person who follows a script of what to test, but can also find new ways to stress our system and try to break it. If you also love testing things before anyone else can see them (or even know about them), this is the job for you.

If you have ever worked with a third-party library, you know how important is the documentation that the developer offers. Sometimes a great documentation is a thing to be admired, and it can help engage the users (developers). If you think alike and want to help the Verbio team to offer top-quality documentation, you are right for the job.

You will… 

  • Ensure all of our products work as they should, even under stress conditions. Try to break them!
  • Validate our implementations and help us find bugs that might threaten the developer experience.
  • Document our public libraries and SDKs, so other developers can use them without hassle.
  • Document our admin GUI and control panels, so botMasters and Product Managers can use them with full proficiency
  • Help us improve the general Developer Experience for API and Control Panels user

Skills and Experience 

  • Version Control Systems (Git, CVS, SVN…)
  • Experience with Continous Integration (gitlab CI)
  • Good level of English (Written and spoken)
  • Writing skills (blogs, public documentation…)
  • Experience with testing tools and Automated Testing (Selenium-like, Unit testing / Functional Testing and Integration Testing)

Nice to have 

  • Experience with UI testing
  • Experience with configurable frameworks like LUIS,, or others
  • Experience with machine learning framework evaluation

Primary Languages, Frameworks and Libraries (to work with)

  • HTML5 + Javascript + CSS
  • NodeJS
  • Content files (JSON and XML)
  • Python
  • Java

We offer:

– Work with the best. We try hard to be excellent every day.

– We thrive on innovation and good ideas.

– Being a key member in the team, within an ideal environment for learning and growing.

– Flexible working hours

– Some remote work



Alberto Calpe: