Verbio featured in the Telecomms Reseller "TR" Podcast - Watch

Verbio featured in the Telecomms Reseller “TR” Podcast

Jordi Torres Gómez, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Verbio, was interviewed by Doug Green, of Telecoms Reseller on 20 December 2022.

The TR podcast focuses on the business challenges of global telecoms. “If you don’t have happy employees on board….you’re draining the company. The labor shortage facing contact centers is not news. However, the repetitive tasks that agents face, only makes the problem worse. Voice AI can help, by carrying out the simplest tasks and taking the repetitive tasks off the shoulders of the agents, who are then free to focus their energy on higher functions and more complex problems.

This leads to better agent experiences and to better customer experiences,” Jordi Torres Gómez, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Verbio.In this podcast Jordi Torres Gómez and Doug Green discuss the connection between Voice AI and cutting both agent churn and customer churn. Unlike chatbots, virtual voice assistants can understand, act and close the loop on a customer issue, such as them forgetting their password or handling payments.

To maximize the customer experience, Voice AI can be used very effectively for large volume repetitive tasks and can help customers to self-serve 24/7, 365 days a year, removing long wait times. With customers demanding a better call center experience and the very current issue of recruiting and keeping quality agents, Voice AI can increase customer experience and reduce agent churn.You can watch the full Verbio TR podcast here.

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