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Artificial Intelligence Technology

In the era of the hyper-connected consumer, speech is an intuitive way of interacting with everything. We use AI-powered voice and text based technologies to simplify interactions and make communication more natural, context-based and intuitive.


Fully company-owned technology with complete control on roadmap and Research and Development projects.


We offer a unique product model – for complete or partial solutions - completely adapted, personalized and aligned to your needs and requirements.


You have full control of your data, whether your solution is on-premise or on cloud. Unlike most companies in the sector, we understand the need for keeping your data under strict control.
Simple architecture to protect your business and customer insights, user privileges and granted access.

Given the pace of technology, I propose we leave the math to the machines and go play outside. Calvin/Bill Watterson

Artificial Intelligence

Draw new conclusions, adapt to new circumstances and identify new patterns to communicate naturally.

Deep Neural Networks

Use deep neural networks as a secret recipe for teaching algorithms to train themselves and learn from data.

Natural Language Understanding

Understanding humans by mimicking neuro-inspired processes in our brain while leveraging syntax and semantics.

Voice Technologies

Express human touch in conversations, differentiating languages, dialects and intonations.