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Call Automation

Call center automation solutions: Make your call and contact center your competitive advantage
Call Automation

Call Center Automation Solutions

Automated calling system with Voice AI technology

Companies that provide perfect call center automation solutions are hard to come by. Often, they are huge tech players who do not offer professional services or have recently begun research in the voice technology world by acquiring another business.


At Verbio, our own team of PhD qualified researchers have been at the heart of voice AI technology for over 20 years. We’re proud to name some of the world’s largest banks and telecommunications businesses as our customers, having finely tuned our offering to suit the call & contact center environment.


Changes in technology and rising customer expectations make it difficult for call and contact centers to provide the significant experience that customers expect, affecting repeat business and the company’s bottom line. Hyper-demanding customers want immediate and excellent customer service at the call center, requiring 24/7 availability, and natural application with direct and friendly self-service interactions.


An intelligent automated calling system with accurate Voice AI is the only way to provide a prompt and streamlined customer experience that meets their expectations. Improve satisfaction and increases retention rates while realizing call center savings when deploying a new 


Verbio Call Automation is an automated calling system built from a complete suite of optimized voice AI technologies. Designed specifically for the call and contact center, it delivers personalized, intelligent, and accurate assistance to customers while reducing call center costs.

One platform, with a full set of integrated technologies

Complete Call Center Automation is a comprehensive, ready-to-use solution made of speech recognition, text-to-speech, and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technologies. Developed and owned entirely by Verbio, the Call Automation Solution combines voice AI technologies to automate part of the call and contact center processes. The solution can enable 100% self-service call workflows or route the customers to the right agent. This can reduce costs, improve agent retention and increase customer satisfaction.

Conversational Automation for IVR
Verbio enables your conversational IVR to handle incoming phone calls in a natural, human-like manner, encouraging self-service, increasing customer satisfaction, and providing unparalleled accuracy and understanding.
Built-in with industry standards
Built by design considering all industry standards like protocols MRCP, GRPC, and grammars ABNF, XML & SISR, making it easier to integrate with customers' existing technologies.
Pre-built models for target industries
Our pre-built language models have been specifically developed alongside customers to provide the highest levels of accuracy for target industries including Telecommunications, Banking, Government, Insurance and Healthcare.
Unparalleled accuracy

Unparalleled accuracy

Verbio offers customized statistical language models and out-of-the-box grammars that provide the highest accuracy in the industry; with advanced self-service tools to retrain models and monitor results.


Transcription accuracy is key to most efficiently providing the best customer service, increasing retention and realizing savings.  Verbio offers +90% accuracy in the market as its key differentiator.


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Customizable & Flexible

Customizable & Flexible

Use Verbio’s worldwide network of professional services and partner teams to customize and adapt the solution to your specific needs.


Verbio Professional Services brings the industry-best computational linguists, infrastructure engineers, and product managers to deliver a repeatable successful implementation process.


What’s more, Verbio offers a complete set of AI voice technologies including speech recognition, text-to-speech and Natural Language Understanding based on DNNs, available for on-premise and cloud deployments.

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Improve customer experience without increasing costs

Improve customer experience without increasing costs

Call Automation has proved to increase customer NPS scores by 25%, at the same time it enhances call and contact center operational efficiency by 85% since it reduces Average Handling Time by 60%. These key CX metrics improve customer experience and increase the likelihood of repeat business and more effective time to resolution.


These benefits have enabled companies worldwide to efficient operations, cost savings, and revolutionize customer experience.

Reduce Average Wait Times

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