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Voice Biometrics

Voice Biometrics

Secure, fast and easy to use. No need for passwords or lengthy interactions. Use the unique identity of your customers' voice
Voice Biometrics

Verbio Voice Biometrics

Easy and secure - single step authentication

How do you choose the right way to identify and authenticate your customers at the call and contact center? You choose a technology which is secure and your customers want to adopt – because it is quick to use, without the need of passwords, or keypad inputs. It also removes the frustration of agents asking lots of security questions! Customers don’t want to have to remember passwords and pins. They want to be able to call on the go. To be able to get in touch with a call center at any point – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at a time convenient to them. With many customers juggling busy lives, multi-tasking; using voice saves time and effort! It also makes sense to use Voice Biometrics when calling a call center, as the customer will be communicating through voice, so it’s a seamless process to authenticate through the unique characteristics of their voice. Verbio’s Voice Biometrics is the quickest way to authenticate, and is the only technology you can use remotely. It’s as secure as a customer using their fingerprint or face, and can replace passwords and pin numbers which are easy to forget.


Verbio’s Voice Biometrics is being used within some of the largest banks globally. It has been widely adopted by this industry, not only because customers’ enjoy authenticating in this way, but for its unique ability to detect and stop attempts at identity theft, with banks being the most exposed to fraud attempts. Verbio has been specializing in voice technology for over 20 years. Our Voice Biometrics technology uses the unique characteristics of voice, via speech recognition. Customers are identified and authenticated in a single step, when the customer speaks a number of phrases, the system is authenticating the user at the same time via speech recognition and matching it to the voice file that was set up when the customer enrolled for this security process. This one step authentication means that transactions take just seconds to complete, which makes transactions much faster and more effective.

Decreased fraudulent activities
Customer experience improvement
Call center cost reduction


This cost effective solution, smartly substitutes traditional authentication methods such as cards, passwords, signatures and fingerprints. Used for security access control, user verification for digital transactions or fraud prevention.

Verbio's Voice Biometric technology ensures that the voice presented is not a recording or synthesized speech before determining a match.
Fixed Variable Authentication
A pre-calibrated algorithm model based on numbers, which allows the mobile number, the ID or even the customer number, to function as the fixed authentication phrase (different and unique) for each user.
ID Consistency
Verbio's ID consistency is unique in the market. It has the capability to detect if during the enrollment phase the different audios provided to the system come from the same person and can confirm the voice identity.
One solution with lots of benefits

One solution with lots of benefits

Allow customers to interact with the system and authenticate themselves, validate their identity and help to prevent fraud and identity theft.

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Use Cases: Fraud Prevention

Use Cases: Fraud Prevention

Verbio’s Voice Biometric technology, helps with fraud detection and anticipates fraud. This is incorporated within our technology and takes place when the customer enrolls for our technology and also during the authentication process.


When customers are enrolling, there is a process whereby the technology checks the consistency of the people who are generating the voiceprints, with ID consistency, to make sure all the voices in the enrollment belong to the same user.


In the case of authentication, Verbio makes comparisons between the person trying to authenticate in the call center phone system with their voiceprint. Our technology has anti-spoofing sensors to ensure that fraud attacks don’t appear as if they are coming from a known and trusted source.

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Contact Center Resource Optimization

Contact Center Resource Optimization

If your customer calls your call and contact center, and you don’t have Voice Biometrics in place, then your human agent will have to go through a number of security questions with them. This can be frustrating for customers, especially when they can’t remember their password or security answer. With the ideal authentication process taking no more than 6 seconds, but with the authentications based on questions and answers, normally taking more than 1 minute.


With Verbio’s Voice Biometrics, your customers can authenticate in seconds and you can optimize your agents. Instead of human agents spending time on repetitive tasks, they can focus on complex tasks; ones that require higher problem solving skills and empathy. This can save call and contact centers massive savings; reducing the number of agents they need. This can also help with the hottest topic, agent churn. Voice Biometrics can help to retain agents, as their job will be more enjoyable if they are being utilized more effectively.

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Deploy IVR self-services

Deploy IVR self-services

Transform your IVR into a powerful self-service system that is both modern and conversational.


Verbio’s pre-calibrated and trained models when integrated with your IVR can provide a language-agnostic, omnichannel solution for extra-fast customer verification. This will allow you to deploy new self-services on top of your existing agent and customer authentication services, life tests and password resets. All these services don’t require human intervention, are easy to use, and will improve call and contact center operations efficiency by 70%.

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