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Speech Recognition

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Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Choosing the right speech recognition solution is at the heart of every Voice AI solution. With customers calling your contact center in many languages, and then with different dialects and accents to add an additional layer of complexity – the importance of high accuracy cannot be underestimated. If you are using speech recognition software to transcribe calls, to help with personalization and quality assurance, or if your focus is helping your customers to self-serve, voice commands are being used to help with call automation. Speech recognition must understand your customer and it’s vital that your customer is understood the very first time. If they keep having to repeat themselves, this will mean a dropped call and a frustrated customer. Multiply this issue by the thousands of calls in a call center, and your speech recognition solution has to have very high levels of accuracy, as this is the core of a successful Voice AI automation and transcription solution.


Verbio is known for obtaining the highest levels of 95%+ accuracy rates with our speech recognition. Verbio’s offering is different because although we offer out of the box products, it is the customization part that really gets these high levels of accuracy. We have been specialists in speech recognition for over 20 years and our customization is not only on the engineering side but also on the linguistic side. All our technology is built in-house – meaning we have complete control and a quicker time to market.

Languages and counting


Powerful, flexible, and simple to integrate seamlessly in your call center IVR and successfully process phone call audios.

Call Center Focus
Verbio’s models have extensively been trained in contact center domains, using standard 8KHz phone audio, which allows our engines to outperform our competitors and provide high OOB accuracy.
Customizable Language Models
We provide customized language models and out-of-the-box grammars that provide the highest accuracy in the industry; with advanced self-service tools to retrain models and monitor results.
Deployment Agnostic
Verbio’s technologies are built to work on-premises or within cloud environments. With guaranteed scalability and up-time.
Use Cases

Use Cases

Speech recognition software can bring a host of benefits to call center environments and the technology can be utilised in many ways. From understanding spoken word and determining intent, to gathering behavioral responses from thousands of hours of audio and utilising the information for training or compliance purposes. You can better engage with your customers by providing digital assistance, highlighting consumer trends and to help with internal training.


Brands can use speech recognition solutions to enhance the customer and employee experience, ensure compliance and to track performance.

Reduce Average Wait Times
Efficient and intelligent call resolution

Efficient and intelligent call resolution

Voice AI has transformed the way both standard and ASR call centers operate in terms of reporting, recording, and most importantly resolving incoming requests by addressing people’s needs before they even reach an agent. IVR’s powered by AI put the customer at the center of each interaction, prioritizing accuracy and efficiency in response delivery.


Verbio’s speech recognition technology helps to streamline call center interactions by determining the nature of the query and routing it to the appropriate department for handling by the most qualified experts.


Our intelligent ASR is also capable of creating a full self-service workflow and guiding the customer using voice AI to complete the query without any human intervention

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Differentiated customer experience

Differentiated customer experience

Verbio’s speech recognition technology can improve brand loyalty and differentiate customer support with its humanized way of communicating and recognizing emotional context.


Over the years of working with endless hours of customer interactions, Verbio’s ASR, has the knowledge and experience to understand subtle differences in speech patterns and trigger responses based on interactions.


Call centers can use speech recognition-driven conversations to create more synchronized, friction-less customer touch points to create more streamlined and efficient workflows – such as those used in ASR contact centers.

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