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Enable natural and intuitive human-machines interactions.

Speech Recognition

Converting speech-to-text in real-time or using batch recognition. Our Speech Recognition software is designed to understand the human spoken language in many languages and customized with business-specific vocabularies. Customizable, with business-specific vocabularies and language models to transcribe conversations with customers, execute real-time captions or automatize tasks through voice commands.
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Using Artificial Intelligence it converts the generated text to speech into a synthetic audible voice. Facilitating access and creating innovative and personalized experiences for call and contact center customers. Pick among 25 ready-to-use catalog voices available in 12 Languages and 25 Dialects or fully customize your own one, for branding purposes like corporate voices, personalized announcement or for delivering impressive user experience for devices, media, and entertainment content.
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Voice Biometrics

Using the unique characteristics of voice, via speech recognition, to authenticate customers in a single step at call and contact centers. Secure and without the need for a pin or password or lengthy agent interaction. Verbio's voice biometrics technology is the key to ensuring a higher level of security and providing a unique and personalized user experience in the call and contact center. Easy, simple, and convenient.
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Natural Language Understanding

Interprets what users say and truly understands them in order to reason and respond to inquiries with intuitive and context-based engagement. Very high accuracy rates are achieved; improving at scale with every interaction. Verbio’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology is tailored specifically to the unique environment and challenges of the call and contact center.
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