Improve CX with Conversational AI: Verbio x Amelia | Webinar!

Improving CX with Conversational AI: Verbio x Amelia Webinar

Now is your chance to register for Verbio & IPSoft Amelia’s joint webinar delivery on the topic of Improving Customer Experience (CX) with Conversational AI.

Speaking at the online event – scheduled for March 14th at 10AM (GMT – UTC +0) – will be Verbio Chief Operating Officer, Jordi Torres, and Amelia Director of Cognitive Delivery, Adrian Gray.

Guest Speakers

Jordi Torres, Chief Operating Officer – Verbio

Having spoken at many telecommunications industry exhibitions during 2022, now is your chance to join a live webinar with thought leader and industry trailblazer Jordi Torres.

Having joined Verbio in 2018 as Chief Operating Officer (COO), Torres has overseen a period of significant growth in Verbio’s customer base and technological direction. He is passionate about how AI can completely revolutionize companies and solve difficult business challenges. How virtual voice assistants and call automation can help to reduce agent churn and customer churn.

Adrian Gray, Director of Cognitive Delivery & Head of Professional Services (UK & EMEA) – Amelia

Adrian has been with IPsoft since 2017, after a preceding 32-year career in IT working across both the product and managed services business areas.

Since joining IPsoft, Adrian has led or overseen numerous Amelia implementations across the UK and Europe in a number of industries. He currently has active delivery teams based in the UK, France, Benelux, Germany and Sweden.

We are delighted to be working with Adrian on this project and cannot wait to display to the market the true power of Conversational AI, Voice AI technologies, and more.

Improve Customer Service with Conversational AI

Call & Centres are in desperate need of innovation in today’s uncertain markets. Both customer churn and agent churn are known to be high on the list of industry pain points.

One solution to this issue continually put forward is that of voice technology. Call centers that adopt voice technology early can take leaps ahead of competitors by introducing expanded opening hours and greater customer service results. Not to mention empowering their agents to resolve difficult issues in shorter average times.

How? Voice AI technology can be implemented quickly and easily to increase the efficiency of your agents’ workload by operating around the clock to offer support to repetitive queries. Additionally, any customers with more technical issues can be passed on to experienced human agents, ready to handle their calls.

Verbio and Amelia have been at the forefront of voice technology production for over twenty years each. Now, as trusted partners, they are coming together to deliver what is sure to be a fantastic webinar. Just in time to solve those impending CX metrics!

Register for the event today and we will keep you updated when the webinar is about to go live via email.