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Supporting local charity with laptop donations

Verbio is very pleased to have been able to support a local Spanish charity with a donation of laptops.Verbio donated 17 laptops recently, to the incredible Fundación Adsis charity, which is a non-profit organization working with youth and vulnerable people for more than fifty years to build a more fair, supportive and inclusive society.

Verbio is delighted that their laptops can be used by Fundació Adsis Barcelona, and their teachers and young people taking part in a number of significant programs, helping those at risk of exclusion.“Verbio’s technology needs to be cutting edge due to our developers working on very high tech Voice AI projects. We are very pleased that these laptops which are still in perfectly good condition, can be used and help support this amazing charity. We are looking forward to providing laptops yearly to Fundación Adsis,”Jordi Adell,CSR Product Lead & IT Manager.

Fundació Adsis act to offer opportunities to people, mainly children and young people, who are in vulnerable situations, and they believe in people’s ability to change. The entity works mainly in different provinces of Spain but also has projects in Latin America.

Verbio’s donation will be supporting Fundació Adsis Barcelona and the laptops will be used by teachers and young people for powerful programs such as Passwork – a school with new opportunities for young people who, for one reason or another, aren’t in the conventional education system.

Other projects include working with teenagers and young people who are on the street, educational support and guidance on job placements. “We want to thank Verbio for this donation. Without the right tools for our teachers and our young people, our programs can’t run successfully. We are very happy to have this donation with the new year approaching,” Daniel Sáez, Technical Director of the School of New Opportunities of Fundació Adsis Barcelona.

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