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Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently asked questions around Verbio Technologies as a business and our offering.

Is my data secure with Verbio?
Verbio is fully GDPR compliant. All our physical servers are hosted in Europe (Spain) and we encrypt all your data sent between you and the service. Verbio is fully automated, hence your data is confidential and the process has no place for human-factor and other risks that manual transcription has. You can delete transcription results and uploaded transcriptions from the user dashboard at any time.

What is voice transcription?
Speech-to-Text is a speech recognition software that enables the recognition and translation of spoken language into text through computational linguistics. It is also known as speech recognition or computer speech recognition.

What is Verbio’s ASR technology?
Verbio’s ASR (AI) technology enables Speech-to-Text conversion by using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). You can use Verbio’s technology for a variety of use cases in the call center, including transcription of voice-based customer service calls and generation of speech transcription analytics for quality assurance and training.

How can Verbio improve the quality of speech recognition?
To improve transcription results, specify the relevant industry domain for your calls. Verbio enables users to convert audio to text by applying powerful domain-optimized machine learning models and can improve the accuracy of speech recognition for industries such as finance, healthcare, telecommunications, government, banking and hospitality. Domain-optimized models have been trained on domain-specific language data to better understand domain-specific terminology.

What are the most common use cases for Verbio’s Speech Recognition Technologies and Solutions?
With Verbio, you can add human voice to enable call automation in the call center. Verbio is used in telephony solutions to voice Interactive Voice Response systems. This automates the call workflow creating a 100% self-service call center solution or it can also automatically route calls to the appropriate agents.

Which languages are supported?
We support languages from across the globe including:
– English (US and UK)
– Spanish (Spain and all Latam accents: Mexican, Columbian, Chilean, Argentinian and others)Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal)
– French (France and Canada)
– Japanese
– German
– Italian.

Verbio will consider any language request and we are confident that we will deliver the very highest levels of accuracy in any language.

Which industry standards does Verbio support?
Verbio supports industry standards – MRCP, SRGS, SSML, SAPI, VXML & SISR, GRPC.

What value does Verbio bring to its customers?
Verbio’s products are secure and flexible and can be deployed in the cloud or on-promise.

All of our solutions are developed in-house without any third-party involvement – allowing us complete flexibility and control to ensure we achieve the highest possible accuracy levels and product quality.

Our solutions are specialized for call and contact centers allowing our customers and partners to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Other benefits our solutions bring include:

– Quick, efficient, and flexible deployment 
– Simplifies complex processes – providing automation and tracking of interactions
– Highly accurate recognition and interpretation
– Natural, engaging solutions providing a personalized experience
– Project scalability
– Complete control and customization.

How can Verbio and their partners customize the solution for its customers?
Verbio’s tools have been developed to give our partners the ability to customize the solution based on customer’s requirements without needing professional services or change requests.

How does Verbio differentiate itself from its competitors?
To get the best possible customer results we need to completely understand and interpret what the customer is saying, thus transcription accuracy is key in call automation use cases. This is why Verbio offers the best accuracy in the market as its key differentiater. Plus, continuous support and development to keep the accuracy levels high.

In addition, we know that each project is different, and the needs of each customer will vary so that we offer a flexible deployment option that can be on-premise, public or private cloud and 100% adapted to your needs.

Finally, we provide state of the art technology as Verbio’s models have extensively been trained in contact center domains, using standard 8KHz audio, which allows our engines to outperform our competitors and provide high OOB accuracy.

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