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(PT) Voice Technology for Insurance

Voice Technology for Insurance

Supporting your customers insurance claims and questions with call automation
(PT) Voice Technology for Insurance

Verbio Insurance Solutions

Our Voice AI solutions promote self-service – giving your customers answers at a time and place convenient for them

Verbio’s insurance call center software is solving the issue of frustrating long wait times for customers, with Voice AI and call automation. With customer service agents at full capacity, and now that customers expect a quicker, reduced admin process from insurers, Voice AI can help.


Voice AI can support human agents with the ever-increasing volume of thousands of calls per day. Using virtual voice assistants that are human-like to scale, to help customers to solve their problems with immediate, intelligent and actionable support. Unlike chatbots, virtual voice assistants can understand, take action and close the loop on a customer issue, such as them forgetting their password or handling a new claim request. To maximize the customer experience, Voice AI can be used very effectively for large volume repetitive tasks and can help customers to self-serve.


Virtual assistants can free up a large part of an agent’s workload. Saving time for your agents to concentrate on very complex customer interactions. Verbio’s virtual voice assistants are human-like and accurate. The customer is directed quickly to get their problem solved. So, if a customer needs to set up a new policy, or make a claim, they can get this sorted out without the annoyance of wait messages and long wait times. Customers also benefit from 24 hour, 365 days a year access to services.


Verbio are the perfect solution for insurance companies, providing both on-premise and cloud solutions. Our Voice AI solutions can be highly customized, with all our products built in-house, we offer incredible accuracy of over 90%.


Of course, accuracy is so important in customer service, as how can you direct your customers to the right support if you can’t understand what your customer is saying? Also, there is nothing more frustrating for customers to not be understood by a human or a virtual voice assistant. Insurance companies appreciate our global footprint and our language capacities, especially as Spanish and Latin American languages can be very complex, with a different pronunciation meaning a completely different word. As Verbio has been specializing in Voice AI solutions, for over 20 years, we are confident that we can create a solution that is tailored to the exact needs of your insurance company.


Automating thousands of calls a day can reduce the average handling time by 60% and can create a call center cost saving of up to 75%.


McKinsey predicts “Claims processing will remain the primary function of all insurers in 2030 and AI technology will reduce the overhead associated with claims by 70 to 90%.”

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Verbio Insurance Solutions

Our insurance call center software solutions promote self-service – getting answers at a time and place convenient to your customers. Available 24 hours, 365 days a year. Reducing frustrating wait times for customers and increasing operational efficiency.

Call Automation
Call automation can transform insurance call centers by automating conversations with customers by using virtual assistants. With virtual assistants you can deal with thousands of customer interactions in a human-like way, with only the most complex inquiries being directed to agents. Out-of-the-box modules are available that specialize in insurance.
Call Transcription
Call transcription or speech to text automatically transcribes phone calls between a caller and an agent. Giving call centers instant insight to understand and improve customer experience. Out-of-the-box speech-to-text is available, specific to the insurance industry and trained for telephone conversations between callers and agents.
Call Authentication
A solution to securely authenticate any caller just by using their voice. With no need for passwords or pin entry, automatically verify the user’s identity in a secure but quick, easy to use way for your customers.
Upgrade your customer service

Upgrade your customer service

Insurance companies have had to upgrade their customer service due to customer demands. Customers will no longer accept long winded admin processes and long wait times at call and contact centers. Insurance companies are turning to AI technologies, to decrease high call volumes and increase customer satisfaction.


The customer can easily manage any query simply by using their voice. The digital agent can enable 100% automation or self-service for simple tasks and transactions. Or the IVR will route the person to the most appropriate agent when required for more complex discussions. Automate simple tasks like live assistance, check policies included services, by integrating Verbio’s Call Automation solution into your IVR.


When customers use their voice to authenticate, they can spend less time waiting for and then dealing with human agents. It also allows the customer to call 24 hours a day, even when they are traveling, as there is no need to input digits into a keypad.

Reduce Average Wait Times

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