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(PT) Voice Technology for Healthcare

Voice Technology for Healthcare

Build automated customer focused healthcare experiences
(PT) Voice Technology for Healthcare

Verbio Healthcare Call Center Software

Create cohesive patient experiences with Verbio voice AI solutions

Healthcare providers have made significant investments in recent years to better guide the patient experience. Digital technologies can impact this experience, due to the different healthcare data entry points creating siloed data and fragmented interactions with patients.


This issue can lead to critical information gaps which can impact patient care and the customer experience that health professionals can give patients.


Verbio produces healthcare call center software, with virtual voice assistants that can streamline the patient journey by asking the right questions to ensure a better triage experience. Patients are directed to the right doctor or department quickly. As Verbio, Voice AI can attend 100% to these calls, this can also reduce the cost of reception resources. The large-scale capabilities of this technology, can lead to a significant reduction in wait times, happier patients and higher NPS scores.

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The complete cognitive call center solution

Verbio Medical Call Center Software

Call Automation
Call automation can transform insurance call centers by automating conversations with customers by using virtual assistants. With virtual assistants you can deal with thousands of customer interactions in a human-like way, with only the most complex inquiries being directed to agents. Out-of-the-box modules are available that specialize in insurance
Call Transcription
Call transcription or speech to text, is a solution to transcribe any phone call between a caller and an agent. These calls are automatically transcribed, so all calls can be analyzed to make better call center decisions. Verbio has out-of-the-box speech to text solutions that are trained specifically for conversations between callers and agents in a healthcare environment.
Call Authentication
Authentication through voice biometrics brings an innovative and safe experience to customers. With remote access by voice, there is no need for passwords. Add this tool to your hospital call center software suite.
Enabling efficient, personalized patient care

Enabling efficient, personalized patient care

With so many time and financial investments, as well as the enormous responsibility of managing, assisting, and saving lives, it’s no surprise that one of healthcare’s primary areas of focus is selecting the most effective new technologies to support cost-cutting measures, increase efficiency, and improve patient access to care.


Verbio’s Call Automation and Call Authentication solution provide patients with a strealined automated experience at the same time it routes them to the most appropriate person to resolve its queries.


Use Verbio’s Call Automation and solution to book or remind doctors’ appointments. Allow patients to do health triage when requesting urgency services or assistance with hospital call center software. Provide them with a secure and streamlined log-in for vaccination services and special healthcare requests using Call Authentication Solution.

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