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(PT) Voice Technology for Government

Voice Technology for Government

Increase government call center response times with Conversational AI
(PT) Voice Technology for Government

Verbio Solutions for Government & Public Sector

Change you government call center experiences from frustrating to engaging with voice AI solutions

During the pandemic, government call centers were swamped by high demands. These long delays experienced by customers have made technology which solves the issue of call center high volume and slow response times, a higher priority for governments.


Verbio helps government call centers to offer a self-service approach, where customers can find the information they are looking for without long wait times and the headache of long calls with agents. Customers find it frustrating wasting time on a call, when they are just trying to sort out something that should be simple like recovering a password or finding out about benefits.


Using virtual assistants that are human-like to scale, means that customers can call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to receive immediate and intelligent support. Unlike chatbots, virtual assistants can understand, take action and close the loop on a customer issue. Saving time for your human agents to concentrate on very complex customer interactions.


With conversational AI, one of the areas of great importance is the level of accuracy. If the virtual agent can’t understand the caller, then the caller won’t be directed to the right area. With government call centers in particular, using a provider that are experts working in many different languages with a specialty in Spanish and Latin America, can be very significant. Especially as in certain languages, a slight change in pronunciation can alter the meaning of the word completely.


Automating thousands of calls a day can reduce the average handling time by 60% and can create a call center cost saving of up to 75%

Languages and counting

The complete cognitive call center solution

Features of Verbio’s complete call & contact center solutions for government

Call automation
A solution to transform call centers by automating conversations with their end customers. Automatically understand your customers and naturally engage with them, now, without human agents. Out-of-the-box modules are trained for government environments and specialized for telephony.
Call transcription
Call transcription or speech to text, is a solution to transcribe any phone call between a caller and an agent. These calls are automatically transcribed, so all calls can be analyzed to make better government call center decisions. Verbio has out-of-the-box speech to text solutions that are trained specifically for conversations between callers and agents in a government environment
Call authentication
Your customers can automatically verify their identity, by using their unique voice. This increases security and improves the customer experience, as there is no need for a frustrating security process or having to input security codes
Automate and streamline your call centers

Automate and streamline your call centers

Verbio’s Call Automation and Call Authentication solutions can be used to automate and streamline part of the contact center operations. Dealing with customers in natural language and asking an open question at the start of the call such as “How can we help you?” can help to automatically resolve different types of inquiries that may be requested.


By automating part of the call and contact center process, this can help reduce massive call volumes. Customers can pay taxes, request information, schedule an appointment or reset their pin. This means that the more complicated calls requiring a high level of empathy, can be routed to human agents. These calls can be managed in a more personalized way, without the frustrating long wait times.


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