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Voice Technology for Banking

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Banking and financial services is one of the biggest industries reaping the benefits of conversational AI. Bank call centers are turning to Voice AI, to support human agents with the ever-increasing volume of thousands of calls per day.


Using virtual voice assistants that are human-like to scale, to help customers to solve their problems with immediate, intelligent and actionable support. Unlike chatbots, virtual voice assistants can understand, take action and close the loop on a customer issue, such as them forgetting their password or handling payments.  To maximise the customer experience, Voice AI can be used very effectively for large volume repetitive tasks and can help customers to self-serve. 


This means that human agents can focus on complex problem solving, which also require high levels of empathy and patience. With customers demanding a better call center experience and the very current issue of recruiting and keeping quality agents, Voice AI can increase customer experience and reduce agent churn.    


Verbio have many loyal banking and financial services clients, providing both on-premise and cloud solutions. We are known in the industry as our Voice AI solutions can be highly customized, with all our products built in-house, we offer incredible accuracy of over 90%. Of course, accuracy is so important in customer service, as how can you direct your customers to the right support if you can’t understand what your customer is saying! Also, there is nothing more frustrating for customers to not be understood by a human or a virtual voice assistant. Banks and financial services also appreciate our global footprint and our language capacities, especially as Spanish and Latin American languages can be very complex, with a different pronunciation meaning a completely different word. As Verbio has been specializing in Voice AI solutions, for over 20 years, we are confident that we can create a solution that is tailored to your banking or financial services exact needs. 


Automating thousands of calls a day can reduce the average handling time by 60% and can create a call center cost saving of up to 75%. 


‘79% of bankers believe AI will play an important role in customer communication by taking up the role of a co-worker, collaborator and trusted advisor.’ – Accenture Banking Technology Vision 

Languages and counting

The Complete Call and Contact Center Solution

The Verbio Voice AI Solution provides natural, intelligent, and secure conversations. The solution understands and clarifies intents, accents, and tones, allowing an intuitive, context-based, accurate and personalized experience.

Call Automation
Transforming banking call centers by automating conversations with customers by using Virtual Assistants. With virtual assistants you can manage thousands of customer interactions in a human-like way, reducing your customers wait times, with only the more complex inquiries being directed to agents. Out-of-the-box solutions are available that have been trained and specialize in banking.
Call Transcription
Call transcription or speech to text, is a solution to transcribe any phone call between a caller and an agent. These calls are automatically transcribed, so all calls can be analyzed to make better call center decisions. Verbio has out-of-the-box speech to text solutions that are trained specifically for conversations between callers and agents in a bank and financial environment.
Call Authentication
Your customers can automatically verify their identity, by using their unique voice. This increases security and improves the customer experience, as there is no need for a frustrating security process or having to input security codes.
Streamline and automate customer workflows

Streamline and automate customer workflows

Verbio’s complete call automation solution suite can streamline and automate the most common bank issues that customers enquire about. From checking account balances, to getting help with lost passwords. The human-like interactions and quick response times, help to improve customer experience. Not only that, but our solution helps to resolve long Average Wait Times, which result in harmful CX metrics for customer experience.

Reduce Average Wait Time
Speed for life

Speed for life

Today, banks must deliver financial services at the speed of life: accurate, seamless, personalized transactions at customers’ choice.  With the ever-increasing volume of calls, bank call centers are turning to voice AI to deliver exceptional customer service —for maximum accuracy, speed and efficiency.

Verbio provides next-generation voice AI solutions to elevate the customer experience and automate voice interactions at call centers, helping the end user to solve their problems with immediate, intelligent, and actionable support.

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BFSI Use Cases

BFSI Use Cases

Voice AI technologies are being used throughout the financial services industry, and Fintech is changing the digital experience for customers. Speech can be used to improve security and the customer experience by making it more accessible, dynamic, and personalized. Customers can check their finances, the stock market, their account balance and request a loan, using their phones, on the go.


Your customers can easily manage any account management issues, simply by using their voice. Use Verbio’s Complete Call Automation solution to make the process 100% self-service for simple tasks and transactions. Or let the IVR route the person to the most appropriate agent when required for more complex queries.


Use Verbio’s Voice Authentication solution to validate and authorize clients in the system in less than 30 seconds. Enable customers to complete simple tasks simply by using their voice footprint. Maximize security, prevent fraud and reduce your customers wait times.

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