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Provide the best customer experience, reduce agent churn and improve operational efficiency

Used and trusted by:

  • Sprint
  • Softbank
  • Telefonica
  • BBVA
  • Banorte
  • In the
  • TV3
  • T-Systems
  • Bankia
  • Europe Assistance
  • Phonehouse
  • RACC
  • Everis Eve

Why choose Verbio?

Unparalleled Accuracy

Through client-specific customized language models and ultraprecise built-in ABNF grammars

Call Centre AI specialists

Experts in call centre interactions; expressions used, intent and vocabulary

Supporting Multiple Languages

Supporting global call centres with multi-language and dialect voice solutions

Enterprise Scale Offering

Providing large scale, enterprise voice technology solutions.

Our Technology

Speech Recognition

Designed to understand human spoken language expressed in a natural way by converting speech-to-text in real-time, using Deep Neural Network learning models.


Pick among 25 ready-to-use catalog voices available in 12 Languages ​​and 25 Dialects or fully customize your own one, for branding purposes like corporate voices, personalized announcement or for delivering impressive user experience for devices, media, and entertainment content.

Natural Language Understanding

Ensuring a customer is accurately understood and that a call is routed efficiently, is a crucial, complicated part of the call automation process. Verbio’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is designed to acquire and represent knowledge from the call center sources and learn at scale from every interaction.

Voice Biometrics

Users have become hyper-demanding, requiring excellent and immediate customer service at any time in the call and contact center. This translates into 24×7 availability, a natural & friendly application, with immediate and efficient self-service interactions.

Providing the ultimate customer experience

Our Cognitive and Conversational AI solutions enable innovative and empathetic human-machine interactions in call and contact centers helping brands worldwide listen to and understand their customers, automate communication processes, and deliver more efficient and personalized experiences.

Customized Solutions

Specific grammars and knowledge will be added to meet your business and customers’ needs

Proprietary Technology

State-of-the-art and company-owned technology available in a flexible and secure deployment

360º Customer Journey

The only technology able to Listen-Understand-Interact using natural human language

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With over 20 years of experience within the field, we are experts in speech technology and Voice AI solutions. We provide unparalleled Voice AI technology to our customers and partners across the globe.

Speech Recognition

Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Voice Biometrics



Our global team of driven professionals are at the very heart of our business

87% of  AI engineers and computational linguists

21% of  PhDs specialized in speech and text

89+ Publications on Speech and Text Technologies

30+ conferences and talks on Voice AI technologies

Our customers,
our advocates.

  • “At SoftBank we have constantly remained at the forefront of innovation and leading fields like AI. Softbank is applying Verbio’s conversational AI technologies in order to improve our customer satisfaction.”

    Koji Ogawa

    Senior Director at SoftBank Corp.

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  • “At GMV we positively value Verbio’s high technical capabilities in Natural Language as well as its flexibility to adapt its specific requisites. This has resulted in a successful collaboration in projects of high technical complexity.”

    Carmen Lomba

    Jefe de sección at GMV

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  • “BBVA has partnered with Verbio in the development of an NLP-based interaction system to boost the quality of our phone customer service. We are well aware that customer service is pivotal to our relationship with our clients. BBVA, a leader in digital transformation, has evolved its phone customer service to improve its ability to interact with users in a personalized way, rolling out an automated system capable of handling multiple inquiries.”

  • “Sprint is firmly moving towards AI in different areas, aiming to improve our relationship and our customer service with our clients. Verbio is putting in place its conversational AI solutions to make our interactions with our millions of customers easier and smoother, with an extremely responsive service and a robust reliable technology.”

    Néstor Cano

    COO at Sprint

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  • “Con las tecnologías del habla de Verbio la AEAT es capaz de prestar atención telefónica de una manera ágil, amigable y eficiente en costes a todo tipo de contribuyentes las 24 horas del día, siete días a la semana, especialmente durante la campaña de Renta en las que el volumen de llamadas se incrementa exponencialmente. El plan de la Agencia es potenciar y evolucionar estos servicios con tecnologías de Lenguaje Natural.”

    Jesús Gómez Parrondo

    Jefe de Área at AEAT

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  • “Thanks to Verbio we have been able to offer the first cognitive project in the utilities sector in Latin America. The solution allows us to offer a cognitive and voice recognition system that allows us to offer a real optimization of the contact center, generating an increase in customer satisfaction.”

    Bruno Cagliostro

    Commercial Manager at CLO

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  • “With Verbio as a partner, we can offer the client a complete security system with voice technology. The involvement of the “C” level (and the board/owner) in the details of the projects, as well as the R&D team, has been very valuable. It is a commitment that you do not find with the majority of technology providers/manufacturers.”

    Gustavo Davila

    Co-Founder and Sales Director at Cybolt

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